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     It began with a dream - a vision to use the inspiration and childhood facination of a little television show called "Knight Rider"  to make a difference. On January 22nd that vision originated as a small spark of light with a meeting that would ignite attention to one of the most recognized Knight Rider replica based car clubs to date on the West Coast.

Amidst the locale of Mel's Diner  in Hollywood CA, friends gathered to meet after months of exchanging their collective interests in a show about a man who does not exist and his talking state of-the-art supercar.

Founding members, Daniel Trujillo Jr., Gustavo De La Mora, Steve Valent, and Chris Hickman gathered together to share their passion to create and drive their own visions of K.I.T.T. With gleaming Trans Ams in various stages of construction, their dreams to own a real-world replica were well on their way.

The founders decided upon the name, "Knights of the West Coast" (KOTWC) and made its debut at the 1st Saugus Speedway Car Show  in September 2006. Since this first milestone, KOTWC has continued to gather more members along the way and reorganize its structure to adapt to a changing world.

Members from Knights of the West Coast  and their replicas have been featured in various television commercials, programs, media, and magazine publications. KOTWC was proud to be able to participate in the annual Saugus Speedway Car Show for several years and achieved an unpresidented reunion of Knight Rider Legends:  Glen A. Larson (creator), Stu Phillips (composer), and Michael Scheffe (Original KITT designer) at their final Saugus appearance in September 2008.

Other guests who have gathered to support KOTWC events include : Ron Martinez (producer),

George Barris (designer), Jim Winburn (stuntman), Actress Rebecca Holden (actress),

Catherine Hickland (actress/author), and Don Peake (composer).

Recently Knights of the West Coast produced a "Fan Experience Like No Other" called Knight Rider Reunion  which took place October 2012 at the famous Beverly Garland Holiday Inn Hotel. This single event not only celebrated 30 years of Knight Rider but also raised $4000.00 for Children's Hospital Los Angeles  further solidifying their goal to make a positive difference for those who need heroes to believe in. KOTWC was also a proud part of three consecutive Knight Rider Festival events in Las Vegas where they brought their replicas and helped raise funds for The Children's Miracle Network. Members of KOTWC have also appeared at Southern Knights Atlanta  and other charity and comic convention events throughout the USA.

Members and their replicas have appeared:

Several Television Commercials (GE/
Living with Scott Mills (UK)
The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff (Stage and promos)
Same Name (Pilot for CBS w/ David Hasselhoff)
San Diego Comic Con (Hot Wheels Display)
Stan Lee's Comikaze (Lion Forge Comics)

Anaheim Comic Con
Long Beach Comic Con
Various Star Car Central Events
Hollywood Christmas Parade
Beyond The Marquee (webisode)
Star Cars (webisode)
Various News Broadcasts

KOTWC is not just a club composed of K.I.T.T. replica builders - it is family forged by fans who wish to make a positive difference in the community through the use of their various talents and replica creations.

Knights of the West Coast  strives to continue to participate in events that raise funds for charity and above all continue to spread the words and echoes of a show that changed how we see our world.

We invite you to share in our vision and explore our site to get to know us better. Come on out and attend the events we participate in and meet the other passionate members of our club! Ask us how YOU can build a replica of your own and help keep the spirit of "Knight Rider"  burning bright for generations to come!

"Together we can make a car at a time."

Daniel Trujillo, Jr.
President – Knights of the West Coast


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